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What you need to know after Live Cleansing…

Unlike intestinal and renal dialysis, the Bio-Energy Dynamic Digestive System Cleansing employs the personalized bio-resonating waves to activate the digestive system in order for it to excrete the toxic metabolites without any side effect. The Cleansing overcomes the shortness of intestinal and kidney dialysis which only cleans the intestine and certain area of blood. Within the 30 days after the Cleansing, toxins will keep coming out from the body to complete the whole process and people will react differently. Most of the people will become energetic and their previous symptoms will be relieved. However, some people may have fever and may feel tired and less energetic, which will be improved within 30 days. Eventually, the body will reach an improved health state.
After the Cleansing, people with acidic body may feel tired during day and thirsty and have more urine and gas; people with high blood pressure may feel their heads are heavy and dizzy for a week or two; people with anemia may feel cold and have a little nasal bleeding; people with weak stomach may have heartburn and do not feel like eating; people with gastric ulcer may feel a bit painful at the area of the infection; people with gastroptosis may feel like vomiting; people with weak intestine may experience diarrhea; people with weak liver may experience vomiting, itchy skin, and pimples as a result of temporary increase of liver’s transaminase; people with cirrhosis may have blood stool; people with kidney diseases may experience decrease in protein level in the blood and swollen face and legs; people with diabetes may increase sugar excretion and have swollen hands and legs. Pimples may show up for a while but disappear eventually. People with hemorrhoid may have blood stool; people with chronic inflammation of bronchus may feel thirsty and dizzy, like vomiting, and difficult to cough out sputum; people with lung problems may experience more light yellow sputum; people with nasal sinusitis may have concentrated nasal congestion; people with skin allergy may feel itchy initially but relieved after few days; people with problems in nervous system may experience excitement at bedtime; people with less white blood cell count may experience thirsty, more dreams, and stomach problems; people with rheumatism may feel a little bit painful on the area but relieved after few days; people with gout may feel weak and sore but relieved after few days; people with high uric acid may feel sore and a little bit painful.
Such reactions are NOT side effects. The reactions are the result that the pathological balance of the body has been interrupted and the body is seeking for the new balance in order to improve the heath condition, which leads to a better immunity, and the diseases and their symptoms can be eliminated.

Diet After the Cleansing will affect its effectiveness:

After the Cleansing, DO NOT stop the medication immediately. DO NOT drink more than 1500ml of the water on the day after the Cleansing. After one or two days, the volume of the water can be gradually increased. Can starting eating after 2pm on the day after the Cleansing. Please eat food that is easy to digest, including congee, noodles, and soup. After 6pm, the dieting can return to normal. Please choose organic food because the farm chemicals in the food will negatively impact the liver. Drink homemade vegetable juice once a day. Choose food with less oil (olive oil or grape seed oil),less salty (bamboo salt or sea salt),and low sugar (honey or maple sugar). Try to have fresh vegetables each meal to obtain enough enzymes. Eat more seaweed soup to maintain the balance of acid and base in the blood to eliminate the body’s radioactivity. Choose brown rice with a little bit of coix Seed,small red beans, lotus seed, barbary wolfberry fruit, and whole-wheat products. Also add some oat and buckwheat to ensure the intake of fibers and vitamin B to enhance the eliminated of the toxic metabolites from the body. Plant seeds such as pumpkin seeds are highly recommended in order to obtain amino acid and HDL Cholesterol (Please refer to the personalized diet plan for detailed suggestion).

Food strictly forbidden:

Sugar products, MSG, artificial soy sauce, artificially processed products, coke, beverage, cookies, cans, instant noodles, coffee, drinks with caffeine, alcohol, icy products, oily food, high cholesterol, high starch, fried food, ice cream, cake with butter, shrimps, crabs, and shell fish. Please DO NOT smoke or drink alcohol!


The Cleansing is aimed to remove the toxic metabolites from the body in order for the body to reform into an improved health state; thus, it is NOT aimed for weight lost. Therefore, losing weight and gaining back afterwards is normal. The change of the weight is a result of the metabolic reactions in the body. In addition, the blood test results are only valid for comparison when the tests are done within one month before and after the cleansing.

Please make an appointment for the health consulting session within 15 days after the Cleansing!