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Liver Cleansing system captures the bio-wave movement frequencies of the organs in our digestive system. Such bio-wave signals are then transferred into mineral water through magnetizing the minerals. The resonating property of the bio-wave enables the mineral water to enhance the movement frequency and magnitude of organs in the digestive system. As a result, the residual, non-metabolized protein, fat, and carbon hydrates will be flushed out more easily and be removed from the digestive system. In order to ensure the optimal liver cleansing process, please strictly pay attention to the following:

On the day of the treatment:

1. Please do not eat oily or food hard to be digested: high cholesterol, dairy, and animal products. Please eat carbon hydrates, eggs, vegetables, or fruits. Breakfast and lunch are okay.
2. Please stop taking the nutritional supplements.
3. Strictly forbidden to eat after 2pm. Water Ok.
4. Please bring your own pajamas, tooth brush, and towels.
5. Accompany needs to prepare his or her food.
6. Please arrive at Room 1604, Tower 3, EXECUTIVE AIRPORT PLAZA HOTEL at 6pm.
7. Hotel parking lot at #282 on 7th floor (Press the white bottom on the side of entrance to enter the parking lot).
8. The treatment ends around 12pm the next morning.
9. Cash or check only (Please make sure that the account has enough money)

TEL:   604-782-1767.