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1. Please bring reports of recent physical check from hospitals, any medication or Chinese herb, and nutritional supplements that you have been taking. Chinese soup medication need to be fully prepared (i.e. cooked).
2. Please fill up the customer record form in detail, including symptoms and health issues that you wish to resolve.
3. Please let our health consultants know if you have taken any medication or Chinese herbs within two weeks. If you have been using them, please write down the types of substances and show them to our health consultants
4. Please take off your glasses, watches, ear rings, rings, necklace, and any metallic items.
5. Please remove your cell phone, keys, credit/debit cards, bills, coins, and any magnetic items.
In order to remove static electricity from the body, IT IS CRUCIAL TO RINSE YOUR HANDS under the tap water for at least 10 seconds without soap before the physical check.

During the physical check:

1. Relax. Do not cross your hands or legs or touch any metallic items.
2. Please hold the metal bar firmly without shaking your hands or squeezing or letting it go.

It is your responsibility to inform our health consultants if you have any following condition before the physical check:

1. If you have an artificial limb
2. If you have a pacemaker
3. Any metallic items installed in your body
4. Any related condition should also be reported to our health consultant; otherwise, the results of your physical check may be affected.

What you need to know to make an appointment:

1. Please let us know your name, phone number, and the day and time you wish to come (if you are making an appointment for an infant, please pick his or her napping time).
2. Please bring both western and Chinese medication and nutritional supplements that you have taken or have been taking.
3. Please avoid carrying any metallic item when visiting.
4. We accept debit cards, personal check, and cash