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Canada Youwin Health Enterprises Ltd., authorized by and cooperated with the Japan Fuji Corporation, was founded in Vancouver in August 2003. It is a Canadian federal registered health company based on years of business success in Canada. The company has provided health consulting services to people with different races around the world, including Canada, China, England, France, German, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the United States, and Vietnam. Also, it has served more than 100,000 people, from the youngest, a three-day old newborn to the oldest, seniors over the age of one hundred, especially the only twins who have both lived over the age of one hundred in the world – the Japanese twins, Grandma Gold and Grandma Silver. The company has years of health consulting experiences with people who are in the state of sub health, with chronic diseases, and have done organ transplantation. The goal of the company is to promote the concept of health management to the world: "Good life depends on good health" and "Your health needs your management and care."

Products & Services
1. The centers are promoted internationally as franchises
2. Health related products research and promotion
3. Personal information energetic water research
4. Residential environment analysis and improvement, including the quality of the water and air, the influence of the electromagnetic field, and allergen
5. Health classes are held to educate health protection knowledge to improve help general public’s awareness of their health
6. Diet and nutritional plan research
7. Research on nutritional supplements

Canada YouWin Health Enterprises Ltd.

Canada YouWin Health Company's Doctors

Canada YouWin Health Enterprises Ltd. General Manager Mr.Peiyong Zhu

Mr. Peiyong Zhu with Japanese Research Team

Wendy Deng with Japanese doctors in Japan Red cross Hospital

Wendy Deng with her Japanese Professors


Canada YouWin Health Enterprises Ltd.

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