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μ-Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Sickness occurs as a progression where one's physiological condition has changed from quantitatively to qualitatively – one feels ill before one gets sick. Modern medicine considers the cells in an organism possess different wave properties. Sickness represents the chaotic or pathological waves of the cells in the body, and the quantitative change is the degree of chaos of such waves. Without any care, the cells' chaotic waves will eventually accumulate into pathological waves where signal the qualitative change of one's physiological condition. If we can detect the chaotic degree of the cells' waves before the formation of the pathological waves and find out the reason behind the chaos, we are able to prevent one from getting sick and delay one's aging through the adjustment of one's physiological condition.
Based on the quantum theory, μ-magnetic resonance analyzer is a non-invasive technology invented on the ground of nuclear magnetic imaging and spectrum resonant technology. Through the resonating properties of waves,μ-MRA compares the deviation between the biological waves of the body and the standard waves stored in the computer to determine one's health condition. In addition,μ-MRA can detect the material waves and determine their impact on the biological waves of the body in order to predict the side effects of medications and the benefits of nutritional supplements and skin care products.